Emerald Azure

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Welcome to Emerald Azure

Creating a blog has been a long process for me. At times life had a way of getting in the way of creativity, leaving me without ideas or inspiration. Thankfully those times are over.
With a new outlook I have decided to use this as a platform for sharing what comes my way: the delightful, the bad, the strange, and sometimes simple things life brings.

Now for the title Emerald Azure. Both words are not only magnificent, but prominent colors on Earth and may just be the name of  a Drag Queen someplace putting on her face.

As for content, well… that varies. Some days may just feature imagery, while others have detailed essays. I can’t say for sure how any message I create will be received but I do know it will come from a good place. After all I AM NOT afraid to say that I was wrong and I welcome improvement.

Without further ado welcome to the world of Emerald Azure.